As a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, our Mission is to provide our customers with environmentally friendly cleaning services and deliver consistent, quality services designed to meet the customerís needs and expectations, from professional janitorial cleaning of commercial buildings, industrial, retail, medical complexes to churches, and everything in between.

Our approach to accomplish this objective has been the strength and backbone of MULTICORP from the very beginning of the company in 1984.

Our Corporate Project Management at MULTICORP has always had a Hands on Approach. In our commercial cleaning business, management controls and directs all aspects of our customer's contract specifications from hiring staff, training, safety, scheduling, quality assurance, equipment and supplies.


A concerted effort is made by our entire staff to achieve the same objective. Our staff works together as a team that will overlap and assist one another to provide the best professional janitorial cleaning services available.

Our commercial cleaning business depends on a working collaboration between our staff and yours in order to achieve a goal. Teamwork is a crucial part of our professional janitorial cleaning business, as we are committed to excellence.

Teamwork means that our professional janitorial cleaning staff will communicate and cooperate with each other as a team, each using their individual skills and constructive feedback to assist in obtaining common goals.


Our commercial cleaning Project Manager will systematically arrange and manage our professional janitorial cleaning staff to meet all contract specifications and to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis. Our organization has a management structure that determines relationships between functions and positions, and subdivides and delegates roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out defined tasks.

Specification reviews, task scheduling, and project tracking are essential to a successful operational plan.

Quality Assurance:

A commercial cleaning business depends on the quality of its services. MULTICORP has implemented a QA System that provides automated QA (Quality Assurance) and CRM (customer relationship management) functions to benefit our customers.

We promise to perform specific tasks to a certain quality level at designated frequencies.

Our QA System allows MULTICORP Management to measure actual service levels against customer expectations and facilitate communication to resolve issues.

Our Quality Assurance System monitors:

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Training
  • Reliability
  • Standards
  • Process Quality
  • Certifications
  • Technical Requirements
  • Procured Materials
  • Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships:

MULTICORP has grown organically over the past 26 years because of our customers. We always strive to provide our customers the very best professional janitorial cleaning services that can be offered in the commercial cleaning business accompanied with additional value added services.

Direct involvement and good communication with out customers is essential to the success of our services.