Computer Rooms

MULTICORP offers a complete spectrum of quality computer room cleaning and other related services to ensure that the critical areas in your facility are in peak condition.

MULTICORP provides service for computer rooms as well as sensitive manufacturing facilities.

Specialized equipment, chemicals, and techniques are implemented to reduce the possibility of contamination. We will work closely with your staff to ensure that proper cleaning procedures are adhered to. Providing your facility with trained professional cleaners to perform the complete spectrum of computer facility cleaning helps prevent contamination and downtime.

Computer room cleaning service frequency ranges from a one-time event to daily maintenance.

MULTICORP'S trained technicians use specialized, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our HEPA filtered vacuums remove even the smallest of micro-particles from your facility.

Every possible step has been taken to guard against damage or disruption to your operation. MULTICORP commercial cleaners are fully trained before arriving to complete your computer room cleaning.

During training, they are taught specific cleaning techniques and shown the proper procedures to use when working around your delicate electronic equipment.

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