Medical Facilities

MULTICORP provides specialty medical facility cleaning for all types of medical facilities, including individual suites or entire medical complexes. We also provide medical facilities cleaning services for clinics, private offices, and surgical centers, as well as medical administrative offices.

MULTICORP provides special cleaning concepts for the health industry to assure doctors, medical employees and patients that their medical office facilities are sanitized properly.

We understand the critical nature of healthcare surface disinfection and preventing the spread of infections. Whether you're managing a hospital, outpatient facility, medical office building or surgery center, our medical facility cleaning teams ensure proper disinfecting and best practices. We understand that medical facility cleaning is regulated, and we are prepared to document our cleaning procedures. We follow cleaning best practices and regulations to the letter.

Our quality assurance team monitors medical facility cleaning performance to ensure quality is consistently maintained in all areas of the facility.

MULTICORP has taken the time to learn about the best ways to perform medical facility cleaning while using environmentally friendly chemicals and products. The health care field is constantly changing and advancing. We keep up with those technological changes and changes in housekeeping practices, so we can guarantee you quality medical facility cleaning services at an affordable price.

We offer regularly scheduled and on demand cleaning, and can customize a medical facility-cleaning plan that encompasses all areas of your facility, from the waiting room to the exam room to the lab. Different areas of your medical facility require more attention and frequency of cleaning than others, and we will adhere to the cleaning and sanitizing schedule you dictate.

Our medical facility cleaning staff is fully trained in all aspects of correct cleaning and sanitizing procedures as they relate to a medical setting. We make sure your medical facility not only looks clean, it is clean.